"To Catch a Hiccup" is the second segment of the first episode of second season of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh made by Walt Disney Television Animation. It originally aired on September 9, 1989.


Piglet is humming happily. He's inviting Pooh for a friendship lunch. Pooh wants to give a best friend gift (honey) to Piglet. But Piglet has the hiccups and can't say so and then, when Pooh came, he heard a something and he thought that there was something in his red shirt. But Pooh thinks it's a game. And Piglet bounces all over with the hiccups. Pooh thinks he insulted Piglet and leaves. Tigger 'encounters' him and wants to help. He makes Piglet drink a bucket of water to no avail. Owl helps, but his method fails too. Rabbit makes a hiccup trap, with a cake, but it catches Eeyore. He likes cake, you see. Pooh wants to get Piglet some honey for offending him. He walks off with the jar of honey. But now at night, Tigger, Owl, Rabbit, and Piglet are working at it again. Tigger puts Piglet in a mine cart, saying that hiccups are cowardlings and they try to SCARE them out. Owl and Rabbit make a 'monster' and dress up as it, with a white cloak, and a jack-o-lantern with a carrot nose for a head, and call it the Stumpety Bumpety. Tigger thinks it isn't scary enough. Pooh nears a cliff edge, and the others hear him screaming. Tigger gasps in horror exclaiming, "it's the REAL Stumpety Bumpety!" and he and the Stumpety Bumpety run off screaming, and it bumps into a tree and separates into a Rabbit and a caped Owl. The head falls on Tigger's tail, and he screams that it's after them. Piglet thinks it's very quiet until he sees everyone ambush him by jumping out of the bushes screaming. Piglet is so startled his hiccups move the minecart down the hill and crashes into Pooh. Piglet thanks Pooh for saving him and removing his hiccups. He then explains what happened earlier, and Pooh understands. Rabbit and Owl and Tigger are still on the run until they can't go anymore. The Stumpety Bumpety crashes through the bushes at them, but it turns out to be Piglet and Pooh. Piglet says he lost the hiccups. Tigger asks where they went, and he, Rabbit, and Owl start hiccuping. Piglet again suggests water, and they take off screaming! (Actually, theses misspelled words should be stumpy, bumpy, and cowering.)