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Background information
Feature films Hercules
Short films
Television programs Hercules (animated series)
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Corey Burton(Stratos, Lythos right head)
Jim Cummings(Pyros)
Jim Ward(Hydros)
Patrick Pinney(Lythos left head, Cyclops)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Evil, mighty
Appearance Made of rock, ice, lava & wind
Occupation Hades' army
Alignment Bad
Alignment Bad
Goal To kill Zeus
Allies Hades, each other
Enemies Olympians, Megara, Philoctetes, Pegasus, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Aqua, Zack Fair.
Likes Power
Dislikes Being trapped and being defeated
Powers and abilities Immortality , Super strength, Elemental control
Weapons Rocks, ice, lava, wind
Fate Hurled into the cosmos by Hercules
Quote "Destory Zeus! Crush him!

In Greek Mythology, The Titans were a race of powerful deities who were overthrown by the Olympian gods when they came to power. In Disney's Hercules, the Titans are the tertiary antagonists, portrayed as four elemental monsters who terrorized Ancient Greece. They were the physical manifestation of the element they controlled. These "Titans" were original creations for the film, Hercules: The Animated Series, which expands on the Greek Mythological setting and addresses many of the movie's inaccuracies and omissions, featured Titan characters from actual Greek Mythology.


The Titans after having been defeated by Zeus

The Muses tell the legend of the Titans through their song The Gospel Truth. The Titans were the rulers of the world (or at least Greece) when it was first new and they caused mayhem and destruction wherever they went. In the animated series, it was also explained that they were led by their king Cronus. Then along came Zeus who used all his power to unleash a mighty thunderbolt that would imprison them beneath the seas of Tartarus where they would remain until the next planetary alignment. They were the children of Gaia and Ouranus.

List of Titans

Hercules (film)

The Titans, as seen from the back

  • Lythos - The Rock Titan: A two-headed giant made completely out of boulders. He ripped through the gates of Mt. Olympus, and is the physical manifestation of the Earth and Earthquakes.
  • Hydros - The Ice Titan: A skeletal giant made completely out of ice. He teamed up with Pyros, the Lava Titan, to engulf Zeus in the Earth. He is the physical manifestation of water and ice.
  • Pyros - The Lava Titan: A blob-like giant made completely out of lava. He teamed up with Hydros, the Ice Titan, to engulf Zeus in the Earth. He is the physical manifestation of fire and lava.
  • Stratos - The Wind Titan: A living tornado with tornado arms, red eyes, and a red mouth. He was captured by Hercules to suck up the other titans and destroy them. He is the physical manifestation of the wind and storms.
  • Bright Eye - A fat pink non elemental cyclops that Hades had attack Hercules instead of Olympus. During his assault on Athens Hercules was able to defeat it but not before it knocked over a pillar that crushed Meg.

Hercules: The Animated series

The Titans attack Mount Olympus

  • Antaeus - A half-Titan, half-Giant who disguised himself as a human and founded the People's Organization of Titanic Liberators, with his main goal being to free the imprisoned Titans.
  • Atlas - A muscular human-like Titan that was cursed by the Gods to forever hold up the sky at the Edge of the World. He constantly tries to trick people into switching places with him.
  • Cronos - The former ruler of the universe (or at least the country of Greece) and father of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. When he found out one of his children would overthrow him he tried to swallow them whole, however he was defeated by Zeus and as a last act he created the Cronus Stone. The stone would place any God that comes near it into an eternal sleep. Hades hoped to use the stone to overthrow Zeus. Cronus was sealed in an unknown region of Tartarus.
    The titans in the Animated Series

    The Titans in the series.

  • Helios- The Titan that embodies the Sun. He never makes an actual appearance in the series but the Colossus of Rhodes, a famous statue in his image made an appearance in Hercules and the Hero of Athens.
  • Prometheus - A kindly human-like Titan who long ago stole the gift of fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to humanity so they could improve their lives. However Zeus was angered by Prometheus' disobedience and so he chained him to a mountain in Tartarus where a giant eagle would come each day to feast on Prometheus' liver, which would regenerate after each day. Hercules freed him after he realized the injustice Prometheus suffered.
  • Typhon - Also known as "The Father of All Monsters", is a red, five-headed, dragon-like Titan who long ago was sealed away by Zeus under Mount Etna. He was accidentally freed by Hercules while the he was fighting Typhon's wife Echidna. He seems to suffer from chronic headaches due to all the years he spent under Mount Etna.

"Other Titans"

  • Rhea - The wife of Cronus, and Mother of Zeus.
  • Tethys - The wife of Oceanus and the titaness of sea

Powers & Abilities

The Standard Powers that the Titans possessed are

  • Immortality
  • Invulnerability
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Powers of respective nature


  • It is unknown whether the titans appeared in the film (including the Cyclops) are actually deceased since titans are basically gods.
  • In the original myth, Titans are long-relative of Hercules and Olympian Deities.


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