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Time Flies! is a short comic story for Beauty and the Beast, included in the Comic Zone section for Disney Adventures digest magazine's third issue of its twelfth volume, being a single page in length. It was later reprinted in Disney Princess Comics Treasury, released on February 2015.


Cogsworth gets all panicked and assumes the kitchen staff, including Mrs. Potts, is late preparing for dinner and fears Beast's reaction if he finds out about this. However, Belle tells him dinner is only several hours away, and then notices that his winder is missing. Lumière then emerges and snickers, before hopping away from an irate Cogsworth and commenting that time really flies while he is having fun while revealing that he stole the winder as a prank.


  • The title of the story, as well as Lumière's remark on the final panel, are a reference to the adage "Time flies when you're having fun," meaning a person is so into something they fail to notice time passing them by.

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