Tim O'Hara is one of the main characters in the film My Favorite Martian.

He was a down on his luck news reporter who was determined to find a good news story to put in the good books with his boss after being fired.

When an alien named Martin crash landed on Earth, Tim thought he had the perfect story, but later gained a friend.


Tim starts off in the film as a unappreciated reporter, who was trying to get the best story he could to improve his reputation.

When he met Martin, he was at first terrified and was ready to expose him to the world, even secretly filming him in his true martian form. However he gradually warmed up to him and felt guilty for going behind his back, deciding that their friendship was more important.

He went to great lengths to help Martin by recovering his spaceship, rescuing him from scientist and helping him return to Mars. His kind heart won the love of his assistant Lizzie and by the end of the film, they live together with Martin deciding to stay with them as a room mate.


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