Tildy is the niece of Uncle Hiram and cousin of Jeremiah Kincaid in So Dear to My Heart.


Tildy is very sweet and curious, she also loves her cousin and likes to share his adventures, thought sometimes they may be frightening and dangerous.


Tildy is mostly seen wearing different styles of braids in her hair and also sports a long ponytail. She is always seen wearing a dress and a matching apron and occasionally a bonnet.

Role in the film

Tildy is first seen with Uncle Hiram and Jeremiah as they watch a steam engine pull into their tiny town transporting the champion racehorse, Dan Patch. She and Jeremiah are awestruck by him and Jeremiah decides to raise one of his own so it can become a champion.

Tildy is later seen running into a field of clover with Jeremiah and his new black lamb named Danny. They feed him clover so he can become a champion. Jeremiah tells Tildy that he is going to take him to the fair, and she asks to go to. Then, while they wave to a passing steam engine, Danny starts running towards home. They chase him and call his name, but he keeps running. Soon they reach home only to find that he crashed into everything in sight.

Tildy later appears when Uncle Hiram is trying to get Granny Kincaid to go to the fair. but she says that train fair costs a lot of money. So Jeremiah resolves to earn some by finding honey from a beehive and selling it to the general store.

Tildy and Jeremiah then go off to find a bee and follow it to its hive. When they find one, its hive turns out to be in a swamp, complete with "bog holes, briers and everything" as Tildy said. But they go in anyway. Suddenly Tildy becomes frightened by a mouse and almost drowns in a bog hole. As she and Jeremiah continue their search, the former, all muddy and wet, sits down on a log. "My daddy says it takes bee hunters, grown men even, years to find their first bee tree." She explains, hoping Jeremiah would agree to give up, but he doesn't. They keep looking and then, finally, they find a beehive.

Tildy is last seen at the fair.

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