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Tiki is a beautiful (and apparently high-class) Maltese terrier that Pluto has a brief flirtation with. She first appears in Pluto's Penthouse Sweet and made a cameo in Pluto's Seal Deal. She is possibly voiced by Russi Taylor.

She became attracted to Pluto the first time she saw him. Pluto had difficulty getting up to her penthouse thanks to Butch the Bulldog guarding the building. After reaching the penthouse, Pluto was smothered with Tiki's kisses. But thinking about what Mickey's life would be without him, Pluto try to get out of there. But Tiki take every effort to make sure he doesn't leave. When he got to the elevator, he kept going up and down, afraid of having to face Tiki in the penthouse or Butch on the ground floor. When the elevator came up, Tiki tackled the dog inside, turning out to be Butch and not Pluto. Butch then turns the tables on her, and gave her a kiss. Now Tiki is in love with Butch.


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