Tigger and the Apple Tree is Volume 8 of the Mickey's Young Readers Library. It is an adaptation of the Aesop fable Two Frogs, starring Winnie the Pooh characters.


Rabbit goes out to pick apples from a tall tree so he can make applesauce for his cousins who are coming to visit. Pooh, being fond of applesauce (especially applesauce with honey in it), volunteers to help. However, while they are easily able to reach the apples on the tree's lower branches, they find that they are not able to get enough apples for the recipe unless they can get the apples from the tree's higher branches. Tigger bounces by and, after hearing about their predicaments, offers to get the apples himself by bouncing up to the higher branches. Rabbit, however, is skeptical, since he knows Tigger is more likely to be a show-off and mess things up rather than finish picking the apples. As Tigger keeps showing off his bouncing skills as he picks the apples, the rest of the gang comes to watch.

Eventually, Tigger manages to pick all but two apples that are at the top of the tree, but he decides to bounce up to them with his eyes shut. He manages to get to the last two apples and tosses them down, but it is only right there that he realizes how high up he has bounced and becomes scared to let go of the branch, which begins to break. He finally does jump back down, again with his eyes shut, and lands, unhurt, in Rabbit's basket of apples. Rabbit is at first dismayed that Tigger has squashed the apples, but Kanga reminds him that he needed to do that to make the applesauce anyway. Afterward, Pooh and Rabbit make their applesauce with honey, and serve it to Rabbit's cousins and the rest of the gang, and Tigger vows from now on, he is going to keep his eyes open when he bounces.