Tia Deanna Fedichelli[1] (portrayed by Brenda Song)[2] is Keely's best friend in the first season of Phil of the Future. She is friendly but somewhat of an airhead and judgmental. At first she is skeptical of Phil fitting in with her and Keely but she quickly adjusts to Phil's personality and regularly hangs out with Phil and Keely, even talking to the less cool Seth Wassmer.

Random facts

  • She has a piercing her mother does not know about
  • She likes to try new things, so long as they are cool (example: cheerleading)
  • She likes to go to parties
  • She is easily excitable
  • She is a snappy dresser, like Keely
  • She is bad at school
  • She has smart remarks when the opportunity presents itself

She was replaced in Season 2 due to the actress getting a more substantial part in a new Disney comedy.

Episode Appearances

  • Future Tutor
  • Corner Pocket
  • Pheremonally Yours
  • Your Cheatin' Heart
  • Unification Day
  • Doggie Day-Care
  • We'll Fix It in Editing
  • Milkin' It