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Thumper's Little Sisters is Volume 2 of the Walt Disney Fun-to-Read Library. The story centers on Thumper and his sisters from Bambi.


Bambi finds Thumper feeling sad one morning. Thumper explains that his mother and father are always paying attention to his three baby sisters instead of him, to the point that he feels his parents don't love him anymore. Bambi tells Thumper that his parents still love him, and that things will get better. This cheers Thumper up, but it does not change the fact that his parents continue to scold him whenever he thumps his foot while his sisters are sleeping or tries to eat some dry grass. Then, when the babies get older, they start following Thumper around all the time, pestering him by asking questions about his activities and poking him while he takes naps.

Eventually, the sisters become old enough to play outside all day, and they want to play with Thumper. Thumper's mother tells him to watch out for his sisters, but he doesn't want to do that. Trying to keep away from his sisters, Thumper climbs a fence, but then notices they're being chased a big, hungry farm dog. Seeing his sisters in trouble, Thumper jumps down from the fence and diverts the dog's attention. The bunnies manage to make it back to their burrow, but the dog manages to find their hole. Fortunately, the dog's owner takes him away, but Thumper's father scolds him for letting the dog almost catch them in the first place. The sisters try to stick up for their big brother, but the parents don't listen, saying they have to look for a new burrow now.

Thumper, upset about all this, runs away to find a burrow of his own, despite his sisters chasing after him, telling him to come back. He soon finds a hole small enough for him, but when he takes a closer look at it, he gets snared in a trap that was laid there. His sisters try to get him down, but the branch that Thumper has been snared onto is too high up for them to reach. Two of the sisters run off to get help while the third stays behind to keep Thumper company. Eventually the other two sisters come back with Bambi and Flower, who bend the tree downward to get Thumper closer to the ground. The sisters manage to free Thumper from the snare just as their parents come by. After the sisters fully explain how Thumper saved them from the dog earlier, Thumper's parents tell him they're proud of him.

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