Thumbelina is one of the main protagonists of the 2002 film The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina.


Physical Appearance

Thumbelina is a beautiful young woman with long red hair and light green eyes. Thumbelina is shown to slightly resemble her mother with the differences being her mother has short orange hair, slightly darker skin and dark green eyes. Thumbelina is shown to usually wear a pink jumper with purple pants and gray shows, along with wearing a purple hair-band. Thumbelina also wears a gold heart shaped necklace which she keeps hidden under her shirt.

When Thumbelina would put on performances, she would usually wear a blue dress with white frills and a bow. When attending a party held by the mice, Thumbelina wore a dark pink turtle necked dress with pink shoes and had part of her hair tied up while wearing earrings. When the Mole King forced Thumbelina to be his bride, she wore a long white sleeveless wedding dress with a long veil and white shoes. At the end of the film, when Thumbelina and Tom get married, Thumbelina is shown to be wearing a sleeveless purple and yellow dress with part of her tied in a bun and is shown wearing golden earrings and her necklace.


Thumbelina was born as Princess Maya in a village filled with tiny people. When she was born, she was betrothed to marry Prince Horace. However, one night the village was attacked by circus owner Roman. He wanted to capture the tiny people to use in his circus. He failed to kidnap them, but managed to capture Princess Maya and Prince Horace as they were only children. However, Prince Horace managed to escape, but Princess Maya remained Roman's prisoner. He made her part of his circus and named her Thumbelina. Thumbelina lived an unhappy life as she was never shown any kind of love and was always taken advantage because of her size. This lead to Thumbelina feeling incredibly alone in the world and believed there was on one else like her. However, Thumbelina did have a heart necklace which was the only thing she has from her real home, but she was unable remember anything else from her past.