The Thug Actor is a minor character in the 2008 Disney animated film Bolt.



This Thug is only seen at the beginning of the film, where Penny and Bolt follow him down the street. However, the Thug notices them, and tries to escape in a getaway car. Penny and her dog chase after him; Bolt is able to knock the car off the road. He rolls down the window and asks Penny what she wants from him.

She asks the thug if he knows where Dr. Calico is holding her father, but he refuses to say until Penny tells Bolt to hold him over the bridge, which makes him before putting him back down. He is not seen again for the remainder of the film.

Super Rhino

He is seen at Dr. Calico's lair where both Penny and Bolt are being held; Rhino later stops him.


  • In the teaser trailer, the Thug is reading a newspaper when Bolt tries to knock him out by tapping his shoulder.


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