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Thru the Mirror is a color Mickey Mouse animated short. It was released in 1936.


When Mickey falls asleep reading Lewis Carroll's Alice Through the Looking Glass, he dreams he travels through his own mirror into a backwards version of his house. After meeting some of its strange inhabitants, he eats a nut that makes him rapidly grow as big as the house and shrinks him down to a size perfect for dancing with a telephone, a pair of gloves, and a deck of playing cards. However, when the King of Hearts sees Mickey dancing with his Queen, he becomes jealous and sends the cards after him. After an exciting chase, Mickey escapes back through the mirror and wakes up in the safety of his normal house.


  • Mickey Mouse
  • Chair
  • Clothes Hanger
  • Umbrella
  • Nutcracker Tool
  • Telephone
  • Radio
  • Glove #1
  • Glove #2
  • Cards
  • Joker Card
  • King Card
  • Queen Card
  • King Neptune


  • The King of Hearts is a caricature of Charles Laughton’s Academy Award-Winning portrayal of King Henry VIII in the 1933 film The Private Life of Henry VIII.
  • The Queen of Hearts is a caricature of famous movie actress Greta Garbo.
  • When Mickey first steps into the Mirror World, a footstool that acts like a dog can be seen. Said footstool may had been the inspiration for Sultan that appeared in Beauty and the Beast.
  • There is a tribute to this film in the "Friend Like Me" scene of Aladdin, where Genie briefly dances with two oversized Genie hands in a similar manner to the way Mickey dances with the gloves in this cartoon.
  • This short would become the basis of the plot for the GameCube video game Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse. At certain points, the game's cinematics (including the opening cutscene) replicate animation seen in the cartoon.
  • The opening scene of this short was replicated again in the opening cinematic of Epic Mickey. This short is also a transitional level in the game.
    Thru the Mirror Projector

    The short as a transition level in Epic Mickey.

  • The short was added as a bonus feature on all of the DVD releases of Alice in Wonderland since 2000.
  • The music playing when Mickey is dancing with his two oversized gloves was used as background music at the end of tapes in the Walt Disney Mini Classics series, listing all of the other titles in the series.
  • The scene where Mickey dances with his hands in his pockets was reused in the Disney Channel closing logo around 1997 to 2002.


  • The scene where Mickey is shrunken is shortened down.



Home video




  • Alice in Wonderland: 60th Anniversary Edition


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