• For a while now, the subject of who Max Goof's mother seems to have been a rather touchy one between all the debates and speculations that have been had over her identity across the Internet over the years. From such speculations as Penny Pooch, Clarabelle Cow (what?!), Glory-Bee, or even George Geef's red-haired wife from the 1950s shorts, to claims of outright hearsay like the idea that Goofy once told Max "she's up there amongst the stars" in an episode of Goof Troop (which never happened in any episode, movie, or any piece of official fiction ever), to even Disney's Guest Services basically saying "Dunno, we got nothing!" on the subject, it seems that the identity of Max's mother--or even just what she looks like--is doomed to forever remain an unsolved enigma.

    That is, until now!

    ...Kind of.

    As of late, I have been working on a rather ambitious project involving Goof Troop, A Goofy Movie, and all related media featuring Max Goof and/or other aspects of the Goof Troop universe. This includes not just the aforementioned cartoon and movie but also the sequel movie, the two Mickey's Once/Twice Upon a Christmas specials, House of Mouse, and all of the Goof Troop comics and storybooks that I can get my hands on (including some very obscure French comics originally published in Le Journal de Mickey, and a 44-page French-original Goof Troop comic storybook).

    Anyway, in my endeavor to accumulate as much Goof Troop-related media as possible, I stumbled across a little two-page Goofy comic strip that was originally published in the Netherlands back in 2003, within the pages of Donald Duck #10/2003. Said two-page comic strip was later reprinted and published in English years later, in 2017, within the pages of Mickey Mouse #20 (329) by IDW Publishing.

    In this comic, originally titled "Goofy geeft les over... Koken" ("Goofy Teaches About... Cooking"), and re-titled in English as "A Goofy Look at Cooking", we are treated to a brief overview on the history of cooking as told by Goofy to his son Max (who is drawn in his teenage design from A Goofy Movie, red hoodie and all). As Goofy recaps the history of cooking, we are presented with a short anecdote about how cooking was done in the ice age, in which we see a caveman family consisting of a father, a mother, and a son.

    True to the spirit of the "Goof History" episodes of the Goof Troop cartoon, in which historical figures were portrayed as looking and acting just like the main characters of the present day (as in, each of Goofy's relatives/ancestors looked and acted like Goofy, and each of their respective antagonist/foil counterparts of the episodes looked and acted like Pete, while other supporting characters would sometimes look and act like Pete's wife Peg and/or Pete's daughter Pistol), two of the three caveman family members likewise resemble characters of the present. The father looks and acts like Goofy, and the son looks and acts like Max. That leaves the mother as a rather curious individual, being the only one who doesn't seem to be based on anyone from the present day... at first.

    Notably, the mother of this family does bear a striking resemblance to the same person as the father's likeness: Goofy himself. She looks just like a female version of Goofy in the same way that Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck traditionally look like female versions of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The mother has the same basic design--face and body-- and color scheme as her husband, but (just like the traditional designs of Minnie and Daisy) with the addition of eyelashes and a hair bow (but which is presented here as a bone worn on her head a la Pebbles Flintstone).

    Since the father and son are obvious transplants of Goofy and Max into this historical setting, it stands to reason that the mother could very well be a transplant of Max's birth mother into this setting as well, thereby very possibly giving us our first real look at what Max's mother just might look like!

    Behold and see!

    Now, we still don't have a name for this person, but just the fact that we may have finally gotten a real look at her design is huge considering how little actually factual information regarding Max's mom there has been over the years.

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