• If the deal goes through here are some of my ideas.(THESE ARE MY IDEAS)

    1. American Horror Story Tower of Terror retheme: Honestly this will bring in crowds and they are using a Disney property. But before you say it does not feel Disney remember what Paris used to do for Halloween?

    2. Ice Age: A new ride in Adventureland would be cool. Ice age is a popular Ip that Disney could use.

    3. Family Guy 4d: This could be like the Simpsons ride where it does not have bad stuff in it. You can maybe reference it for the adults but thats it. There are so many stories you can do with it.

    4. Alien Encounter 2: This was a great ride! They have to bring this back! Now it is a Disney property as well.

    5. Fantastic Four ride: Marvel land can have this

    6.Percy Jackson: We can all agree how great this would be!

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