• I watched the new movie, Finding Dory, yesterday, and I fell in love with the film. So I wrote a song, based on the life of the young poor Dory, this song is sad as the movie. I'm not good at composing music, so... just the lyrics:

    I gotta bad feelings,
    And I want to forget some things,
    Nobody wants my friendship,
    Nobody wants to play with me,

    What would you do?
    When they don't want to befriend you,
    They don't know, how I feel. No, no.

    They keep pushing me aside, I want to be part,
    Just as many,
    Will never accept who I'm, is hard to be like that,
    In this society,
    I will never change, I'm a special girl,
    So, what's wrong with me?
    I don't like what's happening now, I'm sick of this!

    Why the life has to be only downs?
    I thought the blue days ended long ago,
    Being sad was not my final goal,
    I'm hopeless and very alone in my world.

    I don't have a mom, and my dad is gone,
    Oh yes, I wept,
    They never will come, I want their love,
    Oh, not again,
    I will not block, I will not let go,
    That is my self,
    The one you see is none other than me, you should know!

    What do you think? Is good? Am I good :D ??

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    • that song is awesome

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    • Thom7 wrote: that song is awesome


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