• It's been confirmed that Toy Story will be in KH III

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    • I don't see any proof.

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    • Look at either the Kingdom Hearts or Toy Story page at the very bottom is says Toy Story will be in KH III

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    • I did look and it is only official if it is mentioned the official website.

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    • Or by Disney or Square Enix.

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    • If there will somehow be a Toy Story world, then one of the items should be something that summons the Steadfast Tin Soldier and Ballerina. I'd imagine that the Jack-in-the-Box would be an optional boss that you'd have to battle and, after beating him, you'd get the aforementioned item.

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    • Byzantinefire say what you want to about such cast, There are ways Toy Story could actually fit such video, and there are ways harmony is clear on Wikia's wikis. The characters like Woody are loyal enough to help Toy Story's cast join Kingdom Heart. I even daydream of Woody being my watchful soldier when I dream of having my own kingdom, and I also dream of riding Bullseye with Woody, plus there are several places Woody could live or go on vacation too these choices include Australia and South Africa. Woody's loyalty is misunderstood by some people, but Rafiki's loyalty is misunderstood at a worse level. Woody's not murderous like WeedleMcHairybug says. Woody's considerate about his friends, while Rafiki's humble about the hero within himself.

      Woody's loyalty shows several ways, as a toy he just needs to be studied more closely

      He teaches Sid about harm

      He teaches Buzz Lightyear about the importance of being yourself and accepting what you are

      He saves Jessie and he tells her enough to comfort her

      He's a true friend of Slinky Dog's

      He'll keep self-controlled even with those like Rex

      He likes being helpful especially to friends like Bo Peep

      He cares about how Andy feels

      He's loyal enough to let Bonnie's wish of keeping him come true

      He's protective when his friends face characters like Lotso

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