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They're Off is a 1948 Goofy short directed by Jack Hannah.


The science of horse racing. Goofy shows the proper way to pick a winner, with a horse race that comes down to a photo finish as a finale.


  • Goofy
  • Snapshot III
  • Old Moe
  • Unicorn Ponies (Cameo)

Home video releases



Unicorn Pony Cameo Erorrs

  • When the Unicorn Ponies start running, the purple unicorn pony's muzzle turns purple, but when the unicorn Ponies run, it quickly turns back to bright pink.
  • When the Unicorn Ponies start running, the part of the purple unicorn pony's tail turns pink, but when the Unicorn Ponies run, it quickly turns back to purple.
  • When the pink unicorn pony is near the knob of the chair, the part of the hair of the purple unicorn pony turns bright pink, but when the Unicorn Ponies continue running, it quickly turns back to pink.
  • When the teal unicorn pony's mouth is open wide, its tongue doesn't show.
  • When the Unicorn Ponies continue to run, the purple unicorn pony's nostrils don't show.
  • Many Unicorn Ponies have a line right behind their eyes and in a while it quickly disappears.


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