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Theresa Magdalena Margarita Ann Russo (née Larkin) is the mother of Alex, Justin, and Max. She runs the Waverly Sub Station with her husband, Jerry. As a mortal, she possesses no powers, but encourages her children's discovery of things such as school and their Latino heritage. She does not like magic, and she can not stand when she finds "magic running amuck in the house".

Theresa Russo is a typical mother. She's fussy, caring, and can be pretty embarrassing. Theresa lives in Waverly Place in Manhattan with her husband, Jerry Russo, and her children: Justin, Alex, and Max.


  • She was wildly popular in high school, which she mentions several times, though she skips over the fact that she was the only girl in an all boys' high school.
  • She 'believes' she can play the guitar.
  • She 'believes' people think she's Alex's sister.
  • She doesn't like to admit she's middle aged.
  • She absolutely hates magic and can't handle a wizard class without getting annoyed. However in Max's girlfriend she was screaming "I'm a wizard freak!"
  • She thinks that because she's not a wizard, she can't get in trouble with wizard laws.
  • She is infamous for her catchphrase "Knock it off!"
  • She is of Hispanic descent.
  • She has a like/hate relationship with her sisters-in-law, Mickey and Megan Russo.
  • She doesn't understand what magic is used for because in the episode Night at the Lazerama Alex said that on the way home (from the lazerama) she learned a spell that could turn a person into a pair of socks (Arygle, boby, tube knee high into socks turn this guy/girl) she says "Max only wears the same pair of socks anyway, so he could just wear Conscience (portrayed by Hannah Montana's Moises Aries)"
  • She's only taught a brief wizard lesson until the kids start fighting and she yells, "Alright, I quit. Justin, it's on you!!!"
  • She is said to be a fast swimmer in Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana, always winning first place, mostly because she was afraid of swimming and couldn't wait to get out of the water.
  • She is a year and two months younger than Jerry Russo.

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