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"Them Not-So-Dry Bones" is a song Schoolhouse Rock!, which can be seen in Science Rock. The song teaches us about the skeletal system.


Them bones, them bones, them dry bones, Now they're the working of the Lord.

Bones are heard of, but seldom seen, 'Cept each year 'round Hallowe'en. But I've got a shockeroo Right now there's a skeleton locked up inside of you! (Ha-ha-ha)

Minus bones you're just a blob, Being framework's their main job. All your organs, muscles, too, They need your bones to hold them safe and sound inside for you. Your heart and lungs are tucked away, In there behind your ribs. Those bones have been protecting them Since we were little kids.

Look out! Here comes a bonehead play! Birdin' his brain, (Tweet, tweet, tweet) what a day!

Don't take much to overwhelm it, But luckily those bones up there work like a built-in helmet!

Shin bone connected to the knee bone (That means the tibia connects to the patella)

Knee bone connected to the thigh bone (That means the patella connects to the femur) And here's how they really fit together.

Ligaments are what link bone to bone. Cartilage that cushions in between. Muscles hook on, by the tendons, So here's what's happenin' in your knees most ev'rytime you bend 'em.

Now there's a lot of skeleton We never get to see, But it holds other little parts That show quite obviously. I'm talkin' 'bout those thirty-two That we all call our teeth. We gotta feed 'em right and keep 'em clean, Or they can come to grief. (OUCH! Ow!)

So please remember, You've got to do it while you're young Feed your bones some good old calcuim Drinking milk - a glass or two - Will help your bones to stay in shape and do their job for you.

(Your skeleton) It's a framework, (Yes, yes) holding you together. Shielding organs, yeah, that's its job, too!

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