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"The Young Runaways" is an episode of The Wonderful World of Disney. It aired on May 28, 1978.


Heartless parents C.L. Doyle and his wife take two of their older children, Rosebud & Joseph T. Doyle on a family vacation to Alaska, but dump their younger ones, Freddy & Margaret Jean in a Los Angeles foster home. Infuriated by this, Rosebud talks Joseph T. into running away with her so that they can break their younger siblings out of the system, which sparks a manhunt, and an outburst of sympathy among kids everywhere.


  • Anne Francis ... Marian Lockhart
  • Robert Webber ... Fred Lockhart
  • Gary Collins ... Lt. Ray Phillips
  • Pat Delaney ... Katherine Phillips
  • Alicia Fleer ... Rosebud Doyle
  • Tommy Crebbs ... Joseph T. Doyle
  • Richard Bakalyan ... Jocko
  • Walter Barnes ... Sergeant Abel
  • Lucille Benson ... Grandma Hopkins
  • Charles Courtland ... Eric (as Chip Courtland)
  • Kurt Courtland ... Stanley
  • Sonny Shroyer ... C.L. Doyle
  • Sharon Farrell ... Mamma Doyle
  • Tim Pelligrino ... Little Freddie Doyle
  • Daryn Sipes ... Margaret Jean Doyle
  • Barbara Hale ... Mrs. Ogle
  • Ken Jones ... Mike
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh ... Heather
  • Cynthia Mayberry ... Girl Backpacker
  • Dermott Downs ... Chuck
  • Howard Platt ... Bubba (as Howard T. Platt)
  • Dolores Sandoz ... Miss Anderson
  • Steve Sherman ... Pete
  • John Lupton ... Benefactor
  • Michael Warren ... Officer #1
  • Robert Dunlap ... Officer #2
  • Walt Davis ... Officer #3
  • Newell Alexander ... Doctor
  • Sharon Shroyer ... Mama Doyle
  • Dick Wieand ... Cop
  • Brad Wilkin ... Boy Backpacker
  • Poindexter Yothers ... Louis


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