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"The World Will Know" is the fourth song from Newsies. It is sung when Jack rallies the Newsies to go on strike.


Jack (spoken): Pulitzer and Hearst,

They think we're nothin'.

Are we nothin'.

Newsies: NO!

David: If we stick together like the trolley workers, then they can't break us up.

Jack (singing): Pulitzer and Hearst,

They think they got us.

Do they got us?

Newsies (spoken): NO!

David: We're a union now, the Newsboys Union. We have to start acting like a union.

Jack (singing): Even though we ain't got hats or badges,

We're a union just by saying so.

And the world will know.

Boots (spoken): What's to stop someone from selling our papes?

Jack: Well, we'll talk with 'em.

Racetrack: Some of 'em don't hear so good!

Jack: Well, then we'll soak 'em!

David: No! We can't beat up kids in the street. It'll give us a bad name.

Crutchy (offscreen): Can't get any worse.

Jack: What's it gonna take to stop the wagons?

Are we ready?

Newsies: Yeah!

David: No!

Jack (singing): What's it gonna take to stop the scabbers?

Can we do it?

Newsies: Yeah!

Jack: We'll do what we gotta do

Until we break the will of mighty Bill and Joe.

Newsies: And the World will know.

And the Journal too.

Mister Hearst and Pulitzer have we got news for you.

Now the world will hear

What got to say.

We've been hawkin headlines, but we're makin' 'em today.

And our ranks will grow.

Crutchy: And we'll kick their rear.

Newsies: And the world will know that we been here.

Newsie 1(spoken): That's right. Who does he think he is anyway?

Newsie 2: Nobody's gonna mess with da Newsies.

Jack: When the circulation bell starts ringing, will we hear it?

Newsies: No!

Jack (singing): What if the Delanceys come out swinging, will we hear it?

Newsies: No!

When you got a hundred voices singing

Who can hear a lousy whistle blow?

And the world will know

That this ain't no game.

That we got a ton of rotten fruit and perfect aim.

So they gave their word

But it ain't worth beans

Now they're gonna see what stop the presses really means.

And the day has come.

And the time is now.

And the fear is gone.

Boots (spoken): And our name is mud.

Newsies (singing): And the strike is on.

Boots (spoken): And I can't stand blood.

Newsie (singing): And the world will

Jack: Pulitzer may own the World, but he don't own us!

Newsies: (Pulitzer may own the World, but he don't own)

Jack: Pulitzer may crack the whip, but he won't whip us!

Newsies: (Pulitzer may crack the whip, but he won't whip us!)

And the world will know

And the world will learn

And the world will wonder how we made the tables turn

And the world will see

That we had to choose

That the things we do today will be tomorrow's news

And the old will fall

And the young stand tall

And the time is now

And the winds will blow

And our ranks will grow and grow and grow and so

(David joins in) The world will feel the fire

And finally know!

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