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The Wonderful Tar Baby is a 1946 book based on Song of the South.


One of the first books released after the film in 1946, the story of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby. Book cover says "Adapted from the Original Uncle Remus Story by JOEL CHANDLER HARRIS" while the original dust cover also has an added third line: "and from Walt Disney's SONG OF THE SOUTH". Designed and produced by Artists and Writers Guild, Inc. Published by Grosset & Dunlap, New York, NY. Brer Fox and Bear make a "baby" out of tar and stick him on the side of the road to catch Brer Rabbit. Brer Rabbit says hello but the tar baby doesn't reply. He ends up hitting the tar baby and gets stuck. When Brer Fox decides how to kill him, Brer Rabbit pleads not to be flung into the briar patch, which is what ends up happening, letting Brer Rabbit free, since that's where he was born and raised.

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