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The Wishing Song is a song from Disney's 1959 movie, Darby O'Gill and the Little People. It was sung by Darby O'Gill (Albert Sharpe) and King Brian (Jimmy O'Dea).


Oh, I wish I had time
to sing you a song
But when I get started,
I sing all night long

King Brian:
Oh, singin's no sin
and drinkin's no crime
If you have one drink only,
just one at a time

Oh, I wish all the rhymers
were like Brian Connors
When it comes to rhymin',
he takes all the honors

King Brian:
Oh, I knew you could sing
when you opened your mug
So you carry the tune
and I'll carry the jug

Oh, I wish all barmaids
Were like Mary McCluskey

Darby: "McCluskey"?

King Brian:
When she served you a drink
Why, she served you
good "whuskey"

But Mary, she married
poor Jimmy McQueen
'Cause she wanted her name
to rhyme with "poteen"

Oh, I wish I was married
to old Widow Tunney
She's ugly as sin
but has beautiful money

King Brian:
Oh, I wish that all mortals
were like my friend Darby
He's full of poteen,
but he's fuller of blarney

I wish all the gentry
were like the King Brian
If he can't beat ya drinkin',
He'll fall down a-tryin'

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