The Western Hee-Ro is a 1955 Goofy comic story.


Mickey and Goofy find a robbery to a stagecoach, and Goofy stops it in his typical clumsy style, but it actually is a movie of his idol Sam. Sam tells Clyde, the director, that Goofy clearly is a potential comedian. To prove it, Sam asks Goofy to re-enact some of his films, and Goofy does it so clumsily that Clyde gets the point: by having Goofy acting in a western, his bloopers would turn it into the greatest comedy. Mickey notices they are actually laughing at Goofy, but Goofy doesn't listen him and signs the contract he's offered.

The morning of Goofy's debut, Clyde warns the cast to not laugh. The film will be a parody of an old Sam film while Goofy believes it's a serious remake. Goofy crashes with trees, fails at lassoing a boat, rides his horse Yigger backwards, etc.

The day of the premiere, Goofy watches a film with all the bloopers he believed would be edited, and leaves the cinema disappointed. Mickey faces Sam and Clyde for hurting Goofy's feelings, and Clyde explains that Goofy has a gift for comedy and they didn't tell him to have the film developing naturally; the film has been a success and the kids love Goofy. However, Clyde understands he did wrong and wants to apologize with Goofy. Mickey guides Clyde and Sam where Goofy could be.

Meanwhile, Goofy is riding Yigger towards the mountains to live as a hermit. When Clyde, Mickey and Sam try to reach him by car, they get trapped by a flooding created by a storm. Goofy sees them and successfully lassoes the car, so his friends can climb the lasso to safety.

Later, Goofy has forgiven Clyde and Sam. Then, a crows of fanatics appear and Sam tells Goofy to run. Goofy doesn't run at time and the fanatics take his clothes as souvenirs. Goofy, in his underwear, tells Mickey he will quit the hero business for a year.