"The Wacky Zoo of Morgan City" is a 1970 telefilm produced by Walt Disney Productions. It was originally broadcast on NBC as a two-part episode on The Wonderful World of Disney on October 18, and October 25, 1970. The telefilm was directed by Marvin J. Chomsky.


Mayor Philbrick is trying to help Maggie Hargrove push through a proposed art museum...which will be built where the zoo currently exists. To help the zoo fail, Philbrick assigns Mitch Collins, an accountant, to run the zoo. But contrary to expectations, Mitch propelled by his son Noah's enthusiasm, turns the zoo around and with the help of Morgan City's children, he just may save it from the mayor's plans.


  • Hal Holbrook ... Mitch Collins
  • Joe Flynn ... Major Philbrick
  • Cecil Kellaway ... Old Al Casey
  • Wally Cox ... Becker
  • Mary LaRoche ... Nancy Collins
  • Michael-James Wixted ... Noah Collins
  • Anne Seymour ... Maggie Hargrove
  • Michael McGreevey ... Ralph
  • Christina Anderson ... Jen Collins
  • Annie McEveety ... Rosemary
  • Penny Marshall ... Mayor's Secretary
  • George N. Neise ... Councilman Thompson
  • Ian Wolfe ... Rev. Hodgins
  • Harriet E. MacGibbon ... Mrs. Westerfield
  • Bill Zuckert ... Policeman
  • J. Edward McKinley ... Councilman Parsons
  • Judson Pratt ... Scott Shellog