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"The Unbreakable Bin" is the ninetieth episode of DuckTales. It is based on the Uncle Scrooge comic story "The Unsafe Safe" by Carl Barks.



After a nightmare about the Beagle Boys invading his money bin, Scrooge goes out to check on it. Luckily, Gizmoduck is there. Suddenly, they both hear a noise inside the bin which comes from Gyro's tools. He reveals an unbreakable substance called "Protect-O-Glass". That glass is placed around Scrooge's money bin for Huey, Dewey and Louie to look at. Just then, the Beagle Boys show up because Scrooge invited them to try breaking through the glass but all three attempts fail. Glad that his worries are over, Scrooge plans to take a vacation along and has the boys join him. Fenton feels confident that it'll be even easier for Gizmoduck to guard the bin. Unfortunately, Gizmoduck finds out he's been canned since Scrooge sees no need to have someone guard an impenetrable bin. Gizmoduck tries to apply for another security job but with the "Protect-O-Glass" being put up all over Duckburg, jobs for security are gone. Meanwhile, Scrooge decides to go on an overnight safari so as to save money on hotel rooms. He boasts that it would take sheer magic for anyone to break into his vault. Using her crystal ball, Magica sees this as a chance to steal his Number One Dime yet again.

Scrooge and the boys come across a native village called Downtown Quackenyeeka. They find feathers of the Quackenyeeker. Meanwhile, Gizmoduck has been reduced to a traffic signal. Magica flies to Scrooge's money bin to break through the glass. She tries zapping the glass with lightning and then uses a spell to break it but both attempts backfire. An annoyed Magica resorts to finding another way to break through. Back at the jungle, Scrooge and the boys spot a Quackenyeeker bird. Scrooge wakes it up causing the bird to shriek so loud the glasses break. Knowing the glass will no longer work, Scrooge and the boys have to prevent the birds from leaving Quackenyeeka. Unfortunately, having learned about the bird's shrieking, Magica intends to use them to her advantage.

While Scrooge has the birds caged, Magica heads to the jungle. She brainwashes the birds into taking her to the bin. Back at Duckburg, Gizmoduck has another job as a lunch truck but the hot coffee causes a short circuit. Scrooge shows up to warn him about Magica. She makes it to the bin and when the bird won't sing, she pulls out one of its tail feathers. Gizmoduck shows up and takes the bird out of her hands. Before Magica can use the wind powder on Scrooge, Gyro, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Gizmoduck, the Quackenyeeker's shriek breaks the vase containing the powder which blows her away. Before Scrooge, Gyro, and Gizmoduck can get the Quackenyeekers back to the village, the boys find a baby Quackenyeeker. The baby's shriek causes the glass on everything in Duckburg to break. Gizmoduck assures Scrooge he'll be able to clean up the mess.


  • This episode marks Magica's only appearance after the first season, as well as her final appearance in a DuckTales episode altogether.
  • On the wall in Scrooge's money bin is a picture of a duck who looks like and could be John D. Rockerduck.

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