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The Ugly Dachshund
The Ugly Dachshund
is a 1966 Walt Disney Productions feature film starring Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette in a story about a Great Dane who believes he's a dachshund. Based on a 1938 novel by Gladys Bronwyn Stern, it was written by Albert Aley and directed by Norman Tokar. It was one of several light-hearted comedies produced by the Disney Studios during the 1960s


Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette star in this Walt Disney family comedy as Mark and Fran Garrison, a dog-loving couple with different tastes in canines. The story begins with their dachshund, Danke, giving birth to 3 puppies. One day, gentle veterinarian, Dr. Pruitt convinces Mark to take a runt Great Dane puppy home with him as a gift. His Great Dane that same day had a large litter of puppies and didn't have enough milk for all of them. Mark agrees and The Great Dane, named Brutus, grows up with the tiny pups; convinced that he's also a dachshund. Brutus' confused identity sets the stage for a number of mildly comic bits lead by the mischievous dachshunds--he chases a policeman up a tree, destroys Mark's studio with paint splattered, and ruins a garden party in a topsy-turvy way. Fran finally tells Mark that Brutus has to go, but changes her mind when Brutus saves Fran's favorite dachshund puppy, Chloe, from a scrap heap. Mark and Fran enter their dogs in a dog show with Brutus meeting others of his breed. He notices a female Great Dane and stands at attention. He goes on to win two blue ribbons. Brutus finally finds out what its like to be a Great Dane.


Production Credits

  • Director - Norman Tokar
  • Producer - Walt Disney
  • Co-producer - Winston Hibler
  • Set Designer - Frank R. McKelvey
  • Costume Designer - Chuck Keehne
  • Art Director - Marvin Aubrey Davis
  • Costume Designer - Gertrude Casey
  • Makeup - Pat McNalley
  • Consultant/advisor - Glenn H. Randall, Jr.
  • First Assistant Director - Tom Leetch


  • The title references the literary fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling.
    • Both animals were being raised by a different species.
    • They were neglected by their respective foster family.
    • They discovered who their species really are.


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