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"The Twin Factor" is the seventeenth episode of Kim Possible.


Kim in Shego's uniform

The episode begins with a lab in the middle of the desert being raided by Dr. Drakken and Shego, which was quick despite the alarm being tripped while entering.

The morning Kim is called into the lab, she discovers that she has to babysit her younger brothers, Jim and Tim, much to her annoyance. The twins briefly show their annoyance by stealing the batteries to the Kimmunicator to power their portable silicon phase disruptor. They also show their inquisitive nature by trying to check the fluid used by the plane (which turned out to be hydraulic), nearly causing the plane to crash, but they manage to reach the lab safely.

Once they arrive, they find that Dr. Drakken has stolen mind control technology being worked on by Doctor Cyrus Bortle. Kim and Ron investigate for clues, finding a clue to Drakken's location which Wade scans. The twins, however, begin messing with Doctor Bortle's silicon phase disruptor and show their in-progress portable one. Wade concludes from the evidence gathered that Drakken was in the Peruvian Rain Forest.

Meanwhile, Drakken had tested the mind control chip on Shego, who turned from a snarky and sarcastic sidekick to a minion who was loyal to a fault and spoke in a creepy yet cheerful monotone. Drakken took advantage of it to rant about his childhood and have her do some meaningless tasks along with helping with the lab work of devising more chips.

Kim and Ron would land in Peru with the Tweebs, their landing delayed somewhat by the Tweebs attempting to free fall, but they landed intact. Kim decided to go in alone and left Ron to watch over the Tweebs, but this turned out to be a mistake as Drakken was able to place one of the mind control chips onto her as she scaled the waterfall lair.

Ron was left unaware until he met Kim... wearing Shego's outfit now, and the chip visible on her forehead. The twins trap Kim in one of the parachutes they landed with before the group escaped.

Lacking most help, Ron laments that Kim wasn't available to devise a plan. The Tweebs suggest Ron gets captured so he could reacquire the Kimmunicator from Drakken as Kim's orders were only to capture Ron, leaving the twins free to work. Ron believes it was to call for help, but really the twins wanted the battery for their silicon phase disruptor, which can override mind control technology. Before Ron could argue against the plan, the twins drop him down via rope and Kim takes him hostage.

In Drakken's lair, Rufus attempts to reclaim the Kimmunicator while Drakken monologued, but Kim noticed Rufus. The twins arrived and distracted Drakken, before Ron led Kim and Shego into a wild goose chase to give the twins time. The chase eventually led back to the main room, where the twins showed that their portable silicon phase disruptor did indeed work, releasing both Kim and Shego from mind control. Enraged as she maintained full memories of her time under mind control, Shego chased Drakken out of the lair.

Back in Middleton, all was quiet and Kim commented that she did, deep down, like the twins. Her parents reveal that she was once as big a pain to babysit as the twins were, right before her mother discovers that there were two mind control chips on the twins' heads. Kim quickly disables them with the silicon phase disruptors and the twins immediately leap into a pillow fight across the house, loud crashes heard from it as Kim comments that sometimes "nothing says bedtime like a little mind control".



  • 18th episode in chronological order.


  • When you first see the part where they have returned to Kim's House and the parents come in, the first time you see the tweebs, they have no mind chip on there heads. Then the chips randomly appear just as Ms.Dr.P is asking about them. Also, maybe the chips just fell on the floor.
  • For one shot, as Dr. Cyrus Bortel says that "ferociously unethical" is a little harsh, Kim has Ron's colour pants and Ron, Kim's.
  • When Rufus comes over to Kim and Ron and is burned from when the Silicon Phase Disrupter blew up, he has cowlicks. But he's a NAKED mole rat, meaning he has no fur for cowlicks to be in!
  • When the mind-controlled Kim and Shego finally stop Ron, for a moment the camera shows Shego in just her regular uniform, without her apron and oven mitts.
  • When Ron was running from Shego and a mind-controlled Kim, he left Rufus on the other side of the doors, before he encountered the 2 doors on each side of the hallway. As soon as the door closed behind him, you see Rufus on his shoulder, even though he left him on the other side of the door behind him.
  • After Shego says "I was looking for a dodo bird". Drakken makes an annoyed face at her, the same animation is used in another episode- Kimitation Nation at 9:27.

Video Releases


  • Kim Possible: The Complete First Season


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