The Tunes Behind the Toons is a 28-minute 2014 Disney documentary special about the importance of music in Disney animated films. The documentary was directed by Dave Bossert and premiered on July 29, 2014 at the LA Shorts Fest.


Music has enabled the Disney animated as being a visual experience auditory where each note is as important as every move. The Behind the Tunes Toons is a short documentary produced by the Special Projects division of Walt Disney Animation Studios , who referred to the importance of music in animation in general and Disney in particular.

The Special Projects division of Walt Disney Animation Studios is a somewhat separate entity within the studios. Under the direction of Dave Bossert, who is also the director of this short film, this structure realizes indeed many and varied projects ranging from DVD production (such as the superb compilation of War II productions World, Walt Disney on the Front Lines , in the collection of the Walt Disney Treasures ) restoring cartoons and animation feature films for their video outputs. Using all the animation techniques from the traditional to the one made by computer, the combination with live action or even shooting in 3-D, the division may also create little cartoons or make animated sequences any subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company in the world to such an advertisement or any other medium. Lately, she has therefore charged unpublished animations for the show Disney Dreams! At Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris .

The Behind the Tunes Toons is certainly very sympathetic to his point but the viewer comes away with the furious impression of having learned nothing, and more if it is a Disney fan. Starting from the beginning of talking pictures in the 20s until computer assisted animation, documentary flies indeed about it by paying the luxury and more complete by circling. His story is, indeed, very interesting at first but gets lost in the middle as to give the impression of not knowing what to say. The Behind the Tunes Toons begins by talking about the past of the Disney studios including through contributions Carl Stalling or Oliver Wallace then attempts to draw a parallel with other like those of Fleischer Studios (Koko the Clown, Betty Boop and Popeye) and Warner (Looney Tunes). It will be noted in particular extracts of the 1937 cartoon, Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves of Fleischer Studios, which will inspire to Alan Menken Aladdin which Disney will make a live-action adaptation of the actual views character Popeye in 1980; but What's Opera, Doc? a 1957 Warner cartoon with Bugs Bunny and Elmer parodying Fantasia . If the narrative approach is so interesting, it is too little exploited. It would have taken is to focus on the past of the 30 studios and balance the perspective (Disney being too controlling) or remain focused on Disney and give more weight to the evolution of music over the decades in label. The mixture built here between the historical side, stakeholder experience or demonstration with the re-orchestration of an old Disney cartoon ( The Whirlwind ) by a contemporary orchestra led by Mark Watters is shipped to convince too.

The Behind the Tunes Toons, however, relies on a number of stakeholders to try to support his: Disney leaders like Chris Montan (President of Walt Disney Music) to historians like Jon Burlingame (expert in film music) or the Perkins (animation specialist) through a beautiful range of composers like Alan Menken ( The Little Mermaid ), Randy Newman ( Toy Story ), Patrick Doyle ( Rebelle ), Mark Watters ( At Horse! ), Bruce Broughton ( Bernard and Bianca in the Land of Kangaroos ) and Richard M. Sherman ( Mary Poppins ).

The short film also features a number of clips of Disney films, Oswald (including the famous Hungry Hobos whose cartoon was found in recent years but the whole was not proposed anew to date the general public, outside of a few festivals here and there around the world) to (Les) Ralph Worlds , Pixar and Toy Story to Rebel . It also shows some passages of cartoons of the Fleischer Studios and Warner. Finally, pretty pictures that come alive with Photoshop and After Effects and whose rendering is superb here are noteworthy.

If The Behind the Tunes Toons trying to look like Waking Sleeping Beauty in tone, it loses short drive; involved: a subject too undefined!