The Treasury of Croesus is a comic story made by Don Rosa.


Scrooge McDuck foils what Donald Duck calls "Magica De Spell's most bizarre and complex scheme yet". Donald says neither of them will be satisfied until becoming so rich as Croesus. Scrooge says he's already richer than Croesus once was (actually the doubt about who's the richest man on history remains a doubt around all the story). Huey, Dewey, and Louie tell them about an exposition at Duckburg museum about Croesus. This visit leads our heroes to search for his treasure, as Scrooge himself did 50 years ago. They find the treasure, but due to a rightful ownership by the Turkish locals, all Scrooge keeps is his first coin. Upon learning that a witch named Circe wanted the first coin minted by Croesus for the same reason Magica wants the Number One Dime, Scrooge finds a way to turn this tragedy in a triumph: he gives the coin to Magica. If the spell works, she will no longer try to steal the Number One Dime. Because it doesn't, much to Donald's relief as she tested the amulet on him, Scrooge is now sure he is richer than Croesus once was.

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