The Treasure of the Ten Avatars is a 1996 Uncle Scrooge comic story by Don Rosa.


Scrooge McDuck has bought land in India's Punjab region, and arrives on the scene together with Donald and his nephews to inspect what he has bought. He meets with the local maharaj to seek his help in enlisting work force, but the maharaj openly admits being thoroughly corrupt and blatantly declines to help.

Left on their own, the Ducks begin their quest, when they accidentally discover a stone pillar, dating back to 326 BC, and tells the tale of Alexander the Great's attempt to conquer the Punjab. However, the conquest failed, with Alexander's men fleeing India in utter terror. The tale also tells that Alexander was seeking Shambala, an ancient Indian city containing untold riches. When Scrooge hears of this, he sets out to find the city for himself. The maharaj overhears this and follows the Ducks in secret.

The Ducks eventually find Shambala in ruins, but the city is still booby-trapped with mortal dangers. Near the main temple they find some sort of control panel with ten buttons, each featuring a different Hindu Avatar. The boys stay at the control panel while Scrooge and Donald venture deeper, maintaining radio contact with the boys.

All sorts of Indiana Jones-like trap situations occur when Scrooge and Donald progress on their way, with the boys saving them every time by telling them what to do and pressing the right button at the right time. Scrooge and Donald eventually find the treasure, but it is protected with one last booby-trap. The boys are about to clear this trap too, but the maharaj has caught up with them, and prevents the boys from pushing the button, and the treasure is flushed into the river. The maharaj pushes another button, which sets off Shambala's self-destruct mechanism. The Ducks and the maharaj flee the city post haste.

When arriving back in the maharaj's village, the Ducks find that the river has brought the treasure all the way to there, and the people have taken the treasure and got rich beyond their wildest dreams. They abandon the village, leaving the maharaj all alone.

As the Ducks depart, Scrooge reminds the maharaj that he has unlimited resources of one thing left: the number 0, a famous invention of the Indians.

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