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The Three Caballeros (House of Mouse episode)


The Three Caballeros (House of Mouse episode)

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"The Three Caballeros" is the third episode of House of Mouse, originally aired on ABC on February 3, 2001.


The Three Caballeros are to perform at the club, but nobody knows that Donald was one of the Caballeros, so he tries to be the most important performer of the group by renaming himself "The Duck Formerly Known as Donald" (a parody of Prince).

When Panchito and Jose finally arrive, they play their favorite brand of tricks on Donald and he soon comes around.

Featured cartoons

Today's entertainment courtesy of: The Three Caballeros (Featuring the Duck Formerly Known as Donald)


  • During the Three Caballeros soundtrack sponsor, the four tracks listed are title references to other Disney songs as follows:
  • Mickey interviewed several Disney characters on who the third member of the Three Caballeros, and their answers are as follows (albeit none of them guessed it right (unless excluding Pumbaa));
    • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum : Tweedle Dum says its Sneezy, while Tweedle Dee says its Grumpy.
    • Goofy: (first try) None, although he mentions that there are seven of them / (second try) Cubby, Darlene, Annette / (third try) Mickey Mouse.
    • Chip and Mrs. Potts : Chip is about to answer ("I know! I know! I know! I-"), only to get abruptly interrupted.
    • Timon and Pumbaa : Timon says its Simba, but Pumbaa thought it was Donald Duck (Note: Although Pumbaa is actually the only one who got the correct guess that Donald Duck is the third Caballero, however for some reason Mickey overlooked Pumbaa's answer).
  • Daisy gets The Three Caballeros name wrong three times in this episode; firstly as "The Three Cappucinos" and later "The Three Candelabras" and "The Three Cabachurros".


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