The Talking Dog (1951) is an unfinished, and lost Disney animated Mickey Mouse short produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios (Walt Disney Productions) in 1951. It was directed by Milt Schaffer who will direct to Pluto's Party.


Pluto gets roped into becoming a ventriloquist's dummy in a circus sideshow. When Mickey figures out that his dog is missing, he starts looking for him and finds him in the hands of Pete. Mickey battles Pete to get Pluto back.


  • Some animation that was done on this short was dropped. It was animated for a pencil test.
  • The animators, Fred Moore and Norm Ferguson. Ferguson will animated, Pluto. And Moore will animated, Mickey Mouse.
  • Pinto Colvig was the voice of Goofy and Pluto. Colvig was upset for Pluto in the circus. Disney will not have the animated short, The Talking Dog and he wants to animated short with Schaffer to Pluto's Party in 1952. Colvig's son, Vance Jr. told the crew (Ward Kimball, Fred Moore, Norm Ferguson, Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, Thurl Ravenscroft, James MacDonald, Don DaGradi, Bill Walsh, John Lounsbery, George Nicholas, Jack Hannah, Jack Kinney, Hamilton Luske, Clarence Nash, George Kreisl, Jerry Hatchcock, Bill Justice, Robert W. Youngquist, Jack Boyd, Charles Nichols, Clyde Geronimi, Cliff Edwards, Lee Millar, and Paul Frees) wants to do animated TV musical film with Mickey Mouse and Jiminy Cricket. Disney told the crew and says, "All right. Do it for The Talking Dog in the feature movie with Mickey, Pluto, and Jiminy Cricket." He walked out the hallway in anger.
  • Cliff Edwards was the voice of Jiminy Cricket. Edwards wants to get on the animated feature film, The Talking Dog and he doesn't know about to do anything to Pluto.
  • Walt told an interviewer in 1951, "I'm tired of Mickey now. For him, it's definitely trap time. The Mouse and I have been together for about 22 years. That's long enough for any association."

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