The Tale of a Mouse is a cancelled Disney animated film project dating back 70 years.


It was a long version of The Country Cousin, an animated Silly Symphony short released in 1936, which followed a field mouse who came to visit his cousin mouse.


After Walt's death in 1966, Walt Disney Animation Studios, like all other branches of the company, found itself an orphan. It had lost its soul and creativity was put over for a while. Not daring (or unwilling) to stray too far from previous productions to the disappearance of Walt, the studio did, for a time, return to abandoned projects discussed during previous years. The Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Rescuers and even Pete's Dragon were initiated. It was during this troubled period that The Tale of a Mouse was developed.

The project was cancelled and shelved due to the resumption of production on The Rescuers. Indeed, two films with a mouse as a hero in a period as close, it would have been inappropriate. In addition, the project in question was less buoyant than The Rescuers, who shot his series of bestselling books and more already addressed before Walt's death. Security has prevailed and The Tale of a Mouse was never produced and it is a series of conceptual drawings that film pastel artist Mel Shaw made.


  • This is Home
  • That's the Way to Go
  • My Compliments to the Chef
  • Sometimes There's a Moment
  • Mister Misbehave
  • The Heebie-Jeebie River