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"The Suite Life Goes Hollywood" is a 2-part episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


Part 1

Two television writers discover about the life of Zack & Cody, and sells a sitcom about the show, and everyone gets to go there to watch it. Although, when Zack and Cody's actors don't work out, Zack and Cody are offered to take their place.

Part 2

Zack and Cody accept the offer to become the stars of the television show, although Cody gets stage fright and can't act, leading to a fight, so Carey gives them a timeout. During the timeout, some twins (guest stars The Veronicas) sing in front of the audience, and the writers fire Zack & Cody and hire them. Meanwhile, London and Maddie sneak onto a movie set to see a cute actor, and the director mistakes them for stunt doubles.


  • Rich Correll, who is actually the director of the show, plays the TV Director.
  • The Veronicas perform their song "Cry" when asked to sing in front of the audience.

Guest stars

  • Rich Correll as TV Director, Dante Basco as "Madrid" – Hollywood's London, Brecken Palmer as Hollywood Zack, Bridger Palmer as Hollywood Cody, Cameron Goodman as Hollywood Maddie, Michele Nordin as Hollywood Carey, Benjamin Brown as Hollywood Moseby, Sam McMurray as Bud, Christopher Neiman as Lou, Jennifer Tisdale as Western Movie Actress #1, Nikki Soohoo as Western Movie Actress #2, Eddie Mekka as Western Movie Director, Rik Young as Johnny Vaine, The Veronicas as the Australian twins

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