The Skeleton Dance, released in 1929, was the first in Walt Disney and Carl Stalling's Silly Symphonies series.


When night falls at a church cemetery, amidst howling dogs, hooting owls and fighting cats, four skeletons rise from their graves for macabre merriment. Dancing and playing music by using each other as instruments, the skeletons party until the rising of the sun, where they frantically rush back into their graves, forming a skeletal chimera to get back faster.


Being the original and one of the most popular Silly Symphonies, the skeletons have been long associated with the macabre side of Disney. They reappeared later in the year in the Mickey Mouse short Haunted House and would go on to appear in House of Mouse and be given a visual nod in Disneyland Paris' Phantom Manor in the underground catacombs sequence. A level based on the short appears in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two as well as the short itself being included as an extra feature. 



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