When Big Man leaves Nick in charge of watching his niece Kiara for the day, she figures out that Nick and Macy have been keeping their relationship a secret from everyone else. In order to keep her quiet, Nick agrees to record a song with her. Meanwhile, Joe accidentally gives Kevin a black eye during his movie fight training.


Big Man leaves Nick in charge of his niece, Kiara, because he has to go to tap class. She sees Nick and Macy hugging and figures out that they're dating. So she won't tell the secret, Nick agrees to make a song with her. Nick finds out that the song he's been trying to write is about Macy. Meanwhile, Macy is upset because Nick does not want to tell everyone that they're dating because he's afraid they will end up like Joe and Stella. Kiara tells Nick that she won't tell secret. "It's not the way your friends should find out you're with Macy. She deserves better." In the end, he performs his song for Macy by the pool while Joe, Kevin, Kiara, and Stella are watching. Everyone realizes the truth, including Aunt Lisa when she comes home from massage school. "So, what'd I miss here? I hope no one started dating any rock stars!" *awkward laughing, then silence* "No!. Oh no, you two?!". Meanwhile, Joe accidentally gives Kevin a black eye while trying to throw a movie punch. Kevin says he will get revenge. Joe waits all day for Kevin punch him. He gets freaked out whenever Kevin comes near him. Kevin hits him in the last scene.


  • Songs featured in the episode: Your Biggest Fan, Keep It Real and Set This Party Off
  • According to Nicole Anderson, a kiss between her and Nick Jonas was filmed for this episode, but was deleted.
  • It was revealed that Stella and Ben had been dating for 21 days, 17 hours and 12 minutes.
  • It was revealed that Nick and Macy are officially dating, after the events of And... Action.



Recurring Cast

  • Robert Feggans: Big Man

Guest Stars