The Scavenger Hunt is a 1988 Uncle Scrooge story.


The Beagle Boys are invited to a criminal convention. The pickpocket who organized the convention steals everybody's wallets and returns them with identical lists for an scavenger hunt where the items must be stolen. The prize are lessons of Grandpa Beagle to commit the perfect crime. The Beagle Boys decide to work together to complete the list before any other crook.

The first item is a black silk top-hat and the Beagle Boys steal Scrooge McDuck's one, but a Beagle drops his list and Scrooge tries to use it to trace them. Second item is a candelabra from the Gourmet restaurant. The direct way doesn't work as a Beagle is kicked out, so other Beagle disguises as a waiter ant takes the candelabra pretending he is going to clean it. When Scrooge arrives to the Gourmet restaurant, the maitre tells various candelabra have disappeared.

Third item is a police car license plate. The Beagle Boys discard the direct way from the start, so one disguises as an old man crossing the streets and while the driving cops stop to await for him to cross, another Beagle takes the plate out, unnoticed. Following item is the proverbial candy from a baby, but when a Beagle Boy tries to take the candy from a baby, it holds the candy and cry, and the mother is alerted.

Meanwhile, Scrooge awaits at the place of the last item: one of the false teeth from the dentist's billboard. Then, Scrooge finds a police van full of criminals who failed taking candy from babies, which resulted in several recovered hats, candelabra and license plates.

While Scrooge is distracted, a solitary Beagle Boy steals a tooth, but Scrooge soon notices and follows him where the pickpocket and Grandpa Beagle await him. They watched the other arrests on TV, and the Beagle Boy explains the police caught his brothers when trying to take the candy, but he was successful. Scrooge reveals his deception, as the candy still has the wrapping, so the Beagle Boy bought it instead of stealing it as the rules said. Grandpa Beagle and the pickpocket beat the cheating Beagle Boy while Scrooge calls the police.

Scrooge celebrates the recovery of his hat at the Gourmet restaurant, while the Beagle Boys and all the others continue the convention in jail; the banquet is not so good, but at least it's free.