The Sauce is the 2nd episode in As the Bell Rings (Singapore). Aziz brought to school, containers of sauce that he dislikes, so he tries to sell them to Zac, Lizzie, and Jackie.


Jackie walks up and asks Aziz what the smell is. He tells him that it's a sauce made by his grandmother. Jackie says that it smells like stinky feet and says that it's okay that he has to finish it all because it's only one jar. Aziz then shows him the other 9 jars. Jackie walks away and Aziz worries about how he's going to get rid of all the sauce. Zac walks in with a big, fat pimple on his face. Aziz then tricks him and tells him that the sauce is a miracle pimple cream. Zac thens smells it and says that it smells like stinky feet. Aziz then tells him by that it is actually a cream called Oh-duh that would heal his pimple. He told him it was for $5 and Zac decides to buy one and walks away.

Aziz goes over to Lizzie and says that she has a perfect complexion. Aziz finds out that she also has a pimple and sells her all the sauce, now called, Oh-duo.

Lizzie starts complaining that it has been three days and her pimple has gotten bigger. Later, Zac comes and he starts complaing how his pimple got bigger, fatter, and juicier. Then, Jackie comes and dips his burger into the sauce. Lizzie and Zac asks if it's pimple cream. Aziz tells them that the sauce Jackie ate was "Oy-duh" and not Oh-duh. The three get mad and pour the sauce all over Aziz and Aziz finally finds out that it tastes, in fact, good.


  • Aziz
  • Zac
  • Lizzie
  • Jackie