"The Round Money Bin" is an Uncle Scrooge comic story by Carl Barks. It is notably the first appearance of the Number One Dime.


Scrooge McDuck is worried that the Beagle Boys are free and he needs to find a better way to store his money safely. While he keeps his old coins for sentiment, decides to change them for greenbacks, which use less space. The only coin he keeps is his first dime.

Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie see the trucks moving the money and follow them to a round water tank on an empty terrain. Scrooge explains to Donald that the place is so isolated yet noticeable that no crook can get close without being noticed. However, the Beagle Boys have a plan.

A Beagle Boy comes to the water tank disguised as a phone technician, who has to answer the following phone call to see if it works, but the call is from a guard asking if Scrooge allowed the entrance to a bunch of painters (actually the other Beagle Boys) and the fake technician answers yes and then cuts the phone.

The Beagle Boys tie the Ducks and cut the supporting beams of the water tank to carry it to their hideout. McDuck's guards try to stop them, but a Beagle Boy treathens Scrooge to tell the guards he hired them to move the water tank, and the guards leave.

Before the Beagle Boys reach their hideout, Scrooge has a nephew take his first dime out of his pocket and use it to cut the tying ropes. While Donald and the Nephews go after the police, Scrooge takes his money through a window and gets a baling machine to make transportable money bales.

The next morning is an opening day: as the Beagle Boys open the water tank, they find a lot of cops hidden in it. Later, when the jailer opens, he finds the Beagle Boys are being brought to jail again. And even later, when the bank opens, Uncle Scrooge arrives with the greenbacks to change them again for his old coins.