The Return of Dr. Syclocks? (rough translation of A Volta Do Dr.Tictac?) is a Red Bat comic story.


The Red Bat wakes up at three o'clock in the morning to his last night patrol. He decides to have a talk with the jewelry store nightwatcher, but finds him tied and gagged. The Red Bat mistakenly believes he's sleeping at work and when a black figure in a trenchcoat comes out of the jewelry, causing the watchman to freak out, the Red Bat believes it's the store owner and tries to excuse the watchman, but the figure knocks him out with his gun handle.

Later, the Red Bat describes the thief to Chief O'Hara: small, in a hat and treanchcoat and with a noisy clock given the tic tock sound he emitted. Chief O'Hara then calls all units as Doctor Syclocks has returned. The Red Bat then gets an explanation: Dr. Syclocks was a clockwork man created by Gepetto, but was defective and stole rubies from the clocks of jewelry stores.

Chief O'Hara has sent cops to every jewelry store, but the Red Bat wants to help too, so Chief O'Hara sends him to a bank to keep him busy, despite the Red Bat's protest that Syclocks only robs jewelries. However, the bank is actually robbed with TNT and the Red Bat accidentally crashes with "Dr. Syclocks", who the Red Bat finds not to be the real deal as he used a wristwatch to simulate the tick tock and it's broken now. However, Dangerous Dan McBoo appears and points the Red Bat with a gun, while the fake Syclocks reveals to actually be Idgit the Midget; the tactic was to have the police busy guarding jewelries while they robbed the bank. Then, Chief O'Hara arrives with the police and arrests both criminals.

Chief O'Hara explains they found it wasn't the actual Dr. Syclocks as the Modus Operandi didn't coincide: Dr. Syclocks uses cuckoo clocks as bombs and only steals rubies. Therefore, he deduced it was a trick to divert the police's attention. The Red Bat, believing the so-called "Modus Operandi" is a sort of accomplice, leaves the scene to apprehend him, to the incredulous reaction of Chief O'Hara.