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The Resistance is a small band of citizens of Danville who oppose the dictatorship of Heinz Doofenshmirtz and his family of the 2nd Dimension of the Phineas and Ferb universe.



The Resistance was founded by Candace sometime after the Doofenshmirtz family conquered The Tri-State Area with their armies of Norm Bots and Animal Borgs, without the knowledge of her parents. Several 2nd Dimension counterparts of 1st Dimension characters have almost immediately joined, either serving in roles that oversee Doofenshmirtz family being foiled in some way, such as Isabella, or roles that involve providing help to members on the outside, such as Baljeet. Their activities against the Doofenshmirtz family are unknown, although the organization and Doofenshmirtz family seemed to have established a feud similar to that of the 1st Dimension Perry and Heinz. At some point, one member, Buford, became heavily focused on rebelling against the Doofenshmirtz family that he abandoned his colleagues and became an independent rebel.

Prior to the arrival of a group of 1st Dimension citizens, there were ten known Resistance members, with the possibility of more members in Danville open.

Outfits and Equipment

All Resistance members wear clothing that are usually colored in many dark shades of color, such as black, gray, or dark-brown. They also don't wear Dooferalls, with the exception of Baljeet. Additionally, members bring along items that are useful for his or her objective, such as rope, communications devices, and, of course, weapons powerful enough to bring down Doofenshmirtz's Norm bots.


Regulars and alternatives

Some of the members of "The Resistance"

Former Members

1st Dimension Members

Background Information

  • The base found under Isabella's house looks like it was once Pinky's agency lair.
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