The Reds are characters in the 2011 film Gnomeo & Juliet and its 2018 Paramount Pictures sequel Sherlock Gnomes.

They are living garden ornaments made up of mostly gnomes and are led by a male gnome named Lord Redbrick. They live in the garden of Not 2B Verona Drive, the home of Mr. Capulet.

Originally, they had a rivalry with The Blues, who lived the neighbouring garden belonging to Miss Montague (whom Mr. Capulet disliked). However, one day, Lord Redbrick's daughter Juliet fell in love with Gnomeo, the son of the Blues' leader Lady Bluebury. The couple's supposed deaths caused the Reds and Blues to end their feud. After Juliet and Gnomeo were revealed to be alive, the two groups watched the couple marry and ride off in a purple lawnmower (representing the union of the two groups).