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The Razorback is a minor character in The Rescuers Down Under.


The Rescuers Down Under

The razorback appears when Bernard gets tired from following the tracks of McLeach's bushwacker. Just when things look hopeless, Bernard hears the snoring and the snorts of the sleeping pig. While it snorts in its sleep, Bernard nervously approaches the wild pig, and tells it "Uh, excuse me?" The razorback awakes and responds with a menacing snort at him, but Bernard subdues and subjugates it the way Jake did to the snake earlier. He then defiantly tells the pig while looking at it in the eye that he has come a long way, and forcefully demands that it take him to where he needs to go and will not give him any trouble. The pig fearfully agrees, and so Bernard tells it in the eye "Good!" and sits on top of its head and says boldly, "Now get!" and the animal runs off, following the tracks of McLeach's truck towards Crocodile Falls.

Bernard and the razorback finally reaches Croc Falls where McLeach is about to feed Cody to the crocodiles. The razorback makes its final appearance as it leaps off McLeach's truck and runs away after Bernard steals the keys. McLeach sees it leaving and asks Joanna, "Did you know there was a razorback in my truck?" When she tells him that she did not know, he grabs her, saying angrily, "Now you quit playing around, and do your job, you four-legged python!" The razorback isn't seen again for the rest of the film.



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