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The Rat Trap is a pub that is seen in The Great Mouse Detective. Basil and Dawson go here after the former deduces a clue that might lead them to Ratigan's lair and find the kidnapped Olivia.

Basil and Dawson come here disguised as a ship captain and mate respectively. Here, a bunch of smoking, rough-talking lowlife mice watch various talent acts performed on a stage and throw produce at most of them. Miss Kitty Mouse performs at this pub, singing "Let Me Be Good to You," which is a hit with the sleazy patrons. During a big brawl that explodes after the performance, Basil and Dawson (who had been slipped a drug when Basil said that they're looking for Ratigan) find Fidget and follow him down a trap-door and into an underground pipe system leading to Ratigan's hideout.


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