The Rat Tango is a song from the Nightmare Ned video game. It is heard when Ned is in the bathtub area of the Bathroom nightmare.


When the moon is full and golden and bathtubs fill the air,
And they're partly full of water, you should say a prayer.
'Cuz we have this wicked pastime -- it's always been our dream --
It's to drop electric stuff down there and watch you scream.

With a toaster or a blender, or any power tool,
Doesn't matter what we use as long as it looks cool.
First we hear that sickly buzzing, you wiggle like a pup,
When we see your little skeleton, it cracks us up!

Now we don't go in for theme parks, or any kind of ride,
'Cuz we'd rather watch your face whenever you get fried.
If you need more information, from Newfoundland to Guam,
You can reach us on the internet at

You're a wimpy little sucker who doesn't stand a chance.
We are clearly way too quick for you, so dance, boy, dance!
How we laugh our tiny lungs out most every time they drop,
'Cuz you're such an easy target that we just can't stop!

You can try and beg for mercy but we just...can't...stop!