"The Rainforest" is a Schoolhouse Rock! Earth song performed by Tituss Burgess. The song focuses on saving the rainforests.


Gonna take you to a place that's dark and green

A mysteriously seriously fabulous scene

A million kinds of creatures and a zillion trees

Swinging and a-zinging to the harmonies

It's dark down below where the sun can't go

Where they prowl and they growl and slither and grow

A forest full of motion with a cool refrain

It's the rainforest!

Here every living creature has a job to do

Giving shelter or recycling or providing food

They depend on one another for the things they need

A proper little tropical society

It's hot and it's wet and there's bugs and bats

But the trees and the creatures well, they like it like that

Connected to each other in a living chain

In the rainforest!

Going up. Forest Floor. Large animals. Forest recycling center. Understory Layer. And that's insects, frogs, and real big cats. Oh, watch your step. Canopy. Exotic birds and monkeys. Please don't feed the snakes. Emergent Layer. Eagles, bats and all things that fly.

Fly with me and see the forest waiting down below

Think of all the wonders deep within

If we cut these forests down as some have done, you know

Think of what we'd never have again!

So many ways the forests are important

They help protect the planet from global warming

They help produce the oxygen that we all breathe

They help provide the medicines that people need

Creatures call it shelter, tribes call it home

Think of what will happen if the forests were gone

Think of what we'd never have again!

Oh, we gotta show respect, gotta try to protect

Every plant, every ant, every weird insect

They're depending on each other whether large or small

At threat to even one endangers them all

We may live in a town or down a country lane

You may use an umbrella in the pouring rain

But we're all of us connected in a living chain

Do the rainforest!

We should defend it, yeah, we should befriend it

Because we're all dependent on the rainforest

We're all connected more than we expected

Lots to be protected in the rainforest

We should defend it, yeah, we should befriend it

Because we're all dependent on the rainforest