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"The Private War of Doctor Doom" is the twenty-seventh episode of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm go to Avengers Mansion to play a friendly poker game with Hawkeye, Hulk and Skrull-Cap. Meanwhile, Iron Man and Wasp visit the other two members of the Fantastic Four. Hawkeye explains that Thor left the Avengers to remain in Asgard. Suddenly, the mansion and Baxter Building are simultaneously attacked by Doombots.

Both Mr. Fantastic and Black Panther think such an attack seems amateurish for an evil genius like Doctor Doom. Then the Doombots surround the heroes and become walking bombs. Reed realizes it was all a distraction so Doctor Doom could capture Sue and Wasp. Iron Man tries to pursue, but is intercepted by Doom's cyborg assistant.

After getting rid of the Doombots, the Avengers and Fantastic Four regroup. Johnny and Ben want to go after Doctor Doom, but Black Panther points that Doom is the ruler of a sovereign nation and they could cause a war, so a subtler approach is suggested.

The Avengers send a Quinjet as a diversion for a subtler attack, but Doom sees through the ruse and blasts a sneaking Iron Man. Black Panther and Iron Man fight the cyborg assistant, Reed works on disabling the machine where Sue and Wasp are held, and the others defeat more Doombots. Doctor Doom proceeds to defeat all heroes... and lets them go.

The heroes leave. not knowing what Doctor Doom wanted, but sure that whatever it was, he got it. Doom checks the machine results in his computer, revealing that, while Wasp is human, "Sue" is actually a Skrull in disguise.


  • There is a brief mention of Doctor Doom having sent the Baxter Building to space once. This claim is based on Fantastic Four #6, from 1962.

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