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Porcupine Bridge

The Porcupine Bridge is a Location in Bambi II.


It is first seen when Bambi, Thumper and Flower are on it, running to prove how courageous they are. The transition is inhabited by a rather stubborn Porcupine, who will not allow Bambi or his friends to use the bridge. Later, Bambi fight with the porcupine on the bridge, this fight is only for the reason of getting across rather than because Bambi wants to show his father how brave he is. As The Great Prince of the Forest is currently nearby.

Later, while hunted by Man's Dogs Bambi turns back to the location and jumps onto a broken section of the tree while the porcupine was on it, sending the porcupine flying and landing on one of the dogs.


There is an old tree extending over a river, and a Little Waterfall is nearby the Bridge. The place is surrounded by many trees and tall bushes.


  • On the Bambi Diamond Edition DVD version of the film is a trivia that contains, information on the "porcupine bridge", in real life it lies somewhere in the depths of the Maine forest.

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