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The Pond is the Ducks' secret headquarters and the stadium where they play hockey games. It is based on the real-life Anaheim Ducks' arena, the Honda Center, who shares the same nickname as its fictional counterpart.


With the money the team earned during their games, they constructed a three-tiered headquarters beneath the arena in Anaheim and equipped it with everything they would need in order to hunt down Lord Dragaunus and his men.

Layout of the Pond


Locker Room

Although it may look like a normal rink-side locker room, the logo along the wall conceals a secret elevator door, which leads right down into the Ready Room.

Ready Room

The Ready Room, on the Pond's second sublevel. In the center is the massive supercomputer, Drake 1.


The infirmary, also on sublevel 2. Three medical beds are ringed at the head by the Medicom, a non-intrusive analyzing device that can help determine and heal mild injuries.

Nosedive's Bunk

Nosedive's bunk is full of things the team will most likely never use to fight evil, including a television, an air-hockey table, and a stash his comic books.


Background information

The team's main supercomputer (Drake 1), was designed and built by Tanya, its massive databanks and processing capabilities help the Ducks to track down crime. The computer is linked to an orbiting satellite, to keep tabs on the entire planet all at once. With its massive screen and expansive console panel, the computer is capable of many tasks, from chemical analysis of objects to radar scans for Saurian teleportation energy. The blaring alarms of the computer are often the first thing that alerts the team to danger.

Tanya was eventually able to upgrade Drake 1's systems thanks to B.R.A.W.N.

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